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D: Is there anybody else on this forum who cannot TOUCH technology as it breaks when even the tip of your fingertip touches it?
Im not very good with tech terms, or for the matter, technology itself

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One of my friend's phones got stolen and his new one broke.

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ooft unlucky,

anita your phones are fine -_-

tis me who has a problem with them. you SAW what happened with the samsung Shocked

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It didn't have an electronic breakdown -_- You chucked it across the bathroom and it smashed against the mirror.

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but that doenst explain how there is a little dent under the battery which stops me recieved like network signals. becuase the battery didnt even fall out when i chucked it. D:

anyone got the new nano chromatic?

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-_- I think it all happened when you chucked it. A blow that hard would have probably done a lot of damage to your phone. And evidently it did, since you did get a new one. Lucky you, you had phone insurance -_-

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it wasnt a hard blow!!!! and i dint chuck it against the mirror.

but how did it dent the inside when the batery was still protecting it

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D: Then how did it smash and die? IDK, maybe the battery shook against the phone and created a dent.

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well thats what i dont know

but totally loving my current pohone <3

i want nano!

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i prefer the walkman w910 which is slide...i think flips are bad but that's just me

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lol. i like flips. my one is w980

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i like both..
not really touches...
nitah s got like a touch... samsung..
i hate nokias.. && motorolas
and helena its the fact that you dropped it heaps...
phones are not for chucking around..
even though it was like covered... you still damaged it...
i still like my phone even though its old && they dont sell it anymore..
getting a new one next year...
dont know which phone D:
its going to be hard to find a good but pretty one..
i want a walkman / sony ericsson... they are my favs..
if not a samsung... o-o

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erica. yeah . phones are not for chucking around *ahem when your screen broke what did YOU do.*

thats the thjing though. its not like no one has ever not dropped their phgone in its whole lifetime. its [part of life. so sony ericsons produce better phones which avoid getting the damages from dropping your phone on the important surfaces whilst samsungs dont.

i mean when you drop anitas phone the scratches arent going to go to the edges, its gonna like affect the good parts.

its not like my phone would suddenly get a bent on the inside but it wasnt from the mirror because the battery was there. the battery is a flat surface it oculd not have possibly affected it. most likely somehtng might have popped on the inside or like somehting ogone undone and that wouold have affected my phones ability to call. all other services were fine.


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well its not like i threw it against a mirror
but like i did throw it around very hard
i got pissed at it
you know that we probably dont understand much about phones
so anything could have happened...
and if you could call before you threw it and couldnt after you threw it most likely it was because you threw it at a mirror

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i didnt throw it at a mirror.

im pretty sure ive confirmed that.

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o_o You didn't..?
-_- You didn't simply drop your phone either, it was a throw (though a throw could be accidental)

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okay all the external damage that was done to the front of the phone was done like wayy ebfore when i was running and my phone slid out of my pocket.

the day before my phone stopped working was when i threw my phone onto the floor.

it didnt do any external damage

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anita no offence i don't like your phone, easy to 'accidentally' make mistakes and everything. i just have this weird things against touch unless it's only PARTIALLY touch. not like SCREEN touch

helena both your phones are awesome but i do like your old one more.

erica I LOVE NOKIAS. sony ericssons are okayish, i just don't know how to operate them

samsung works for me. just,

anyway i love phone talk

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james y has the best phone a samsung slide Laughing

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